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IDF World Dairy Summit 2016

16 -19 October- Rotterdam, The Netherlands



The 2016 International Dairy Federation (IDF) World Dairy Summit will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands from 16-19 October followed by two days of optional technical tours.  It has the theme "Dare to Dairy" and will look at how dairy can sustainably contribute to feeding 9 billion people.

The event features a series of topical scientific-technical conferences (spread over a three-day format), social events (including a welcome reception and gala dinner) and technical tours.  A full pogramme is available here.

Regiatration is now open so, if you are planning to attend, you should visit here to do so.

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IDF World Dairy Summit 2015

20 -24 September- Vilnius, Lithuania


This year’s International Dairy Federation (IDF) World Dairy Summit was held in Vilnius, Lithuania from September 20-24.

The theme of the Summit was “Closing the Nutritional Gap with Sustainable Dairy” and saw the event return to its traditional format of business meetings followed by three full days of conferences, covering nine different topics (including Dairy Policies and Economics, Nutrition and Health, Animal Health and Welfare, Dairy Farming, Marketing, Environment and Dairy Science and Food Safety). Another strong reason for attending was the World Dairy Leaders Forum, which provided the opportunity to hear the views of some of the key players in the global dairy sector.

Full information is available at http://idfwds2015.com/

Newsletters were issued daily, highlighting the key events of the day, and these can be viewed/downloaded below.

Tuesday 22 September IDF World Dairy Leaders Forum, IDF Dairy Farmers Forum, IDF Forum - Global expertise in dairy, IDF Bulletin on a Common Carbon Footprint Approach for the Dairy Sector, Dairy Sustainability Framework
Wednesday 23 September The World Dairy Situation 2015, Nutrition and Health Conference, Dairy Policies and Economics Conference, Animal Health and Welfare Conference, IDF Animal Health Newsletter No 9
Thursday 24 September Exhibittion, Dairy Science and Technology Conference, IDF Bulletin on School Milk Programmes, Dairy Farming Conference, Marketing Conference, IDF Bulletin on a Common Carbon Footprint Approach for the Dairy Sector
Friday 25 September
IDF Prize of Excellence 2015, IMP Trophy, Analytic Tools Conference, Food Safety Conference, Environment Conference



IDF World Dairy Summit 2013

28 October - 1 November - Yokohama


With the theme of "Rediscovering Milk", the 2013 Summit reflected the dairy sector's ongoing commitment to help consumers and everyone in the dairy chain to both discover and rediscover the value of the industry and the nutritious products it produces.

Besides a full programme of conferences, covering current issues such as balancing food supply and demand, animal feed, the environment, energy, prevention of animal disease and improving animal welfare, the Summit also featured the IDF Forum of Dairy Leaders as a well as a number of technical tours.

Newsletters were issued daily, highlighting the key events of the day, and these can be viewed/downloaded below.

Tuesday 29 October IDF Forum, Global Dairy Agenda for Action, World Dairy Leaders Forum, Economics Conference
Wednesday 30 October World Dairy Situation 2013, Sustaining Reward in the Milk Supply Chain, Dairy Science and Technology, Children and Milk, Spotlight on Dairy Farming in Japan
Thursday 31 October IDF/FAO Global Survey of School Milk Programmes, Dairy Policies and Economics Conference, Animal Health and Welfare, Dairy Farming, Nutrition and Health, Marketing
Friday 1 November
Environment Conference, Dairy and Metabolic Regulation, Dairy Consumption and Silent Inflammation,
Maintaining Food Safety, Enhancing Protein Nutrition in the Elderly, IDF Prize of Excellence, IDF Award,
Saturday 2 November Nutrition and Sustainability, Milk Protein and Food Security, Environmental Sustainability, Tackling Food Safety Challenges


UK-IDF Open Day 2013


18th April - Cattle Information Service, Telford


This year's Open Day included:


•  Presentations on the relevance of the IDF work programme to the UK dairy industry

•     Tours of the new state-of-the-art laboratory and an exhibition of cows with a type scoring and linear

      assessment demonstration


The “Benefits of Dairying” are numerous and diverse and can be:

               •   Economic , through employment, contributing to national economies and international trade,
               •   Nutritional , through the consumption of safe, healthy, nutrient-rich products that are a major source of calcium
                   worldwide, and

               • And as a key driver of sustainable rural development by protecting the land, preserving biodiversity, reducing

                 emissions and promoting high animal and welfare standards.

This year's Open Day examined how the IDF is working together, both within its Standing Committees, Task Forces and Action Teams and with other global organisations, such as Codex, FAO, ISO and OIE, to improve and protect this dynamic dairy sector.

The morning session featured an introduction from Dr Judith Bryans, explaining about the benefits of IDF membership, and presentations on the latest work being progressed by the IDF in the fields of economics and the environment.

Delegates then split into two groups with one group having a tour of the brand new state-of-the-art Cattle Information Service Laboratory, which has been set up to handle milk and animal health testing, and the other viewing a type scoring and linear assessment demo with an explanation of how the data can be used with bespoke mating tools to improve production and the health and welfare of the cow.

After lunch we will looked more closely at the tremendous advances that are taking place within the dairy farming and animal health and welfare sectors, how to improve the benefits of milk recording (with a number of international examples) and the current status of in-line process analysis and control.



Morning Programme:

9.00 - 10.00      Registration, tea and coffee

10.00 - 10.15   Welcome from UK-IDF Chair Dr Judith Bryans - Director of The Dairy Council


10.15 - 10.50   The Global Dairy Market Situation

                           Jim Begg : Director General – Dairy UK and Member of the IDF Standing Committee on Dairy Policies and                                                Economics

10.45 - 11.20   Environmental work in IDF and how it relates back to the UK a discussion on environmental sustainability

                           from farm to factory: latest developments, challenges and the way forward.

                           Delanie Kellon – IDF Technical Officer for Environment and Sustainability

11.20 - 11.50


11.50 - 12.20

Tours of the state-of-the-art laboratory, featuring the latest generation of milk analysers and automation systems, and an exhibition of cows with a type scoring and linear assessment demo

CIS logo -new chosen colour with wave-LayersFlatCMYK.jpg

12.20 - 1.20        LUNCH


Afternoon Programme:

1.20 – 1.50    International dairy farming: a British farmer's perspective

                        Julia Hawley – DairyCo Board member

1.50 – 2.15   What further benefits from milk recording can be achieved?   

                       Tove Asmussen – Business Manager – Raw Milk Connect

2.15 – 2.40   Status on: In-line Dairy Process Analysis and Tools for Protecting the Dairy Supply Chain

                        Andy Carr - Industry Sales Manager - Dairy: UK & Ireland – Foss UK Limited

2.45                Summation and close                          


There will be opportunities for delegates to ask questions so please come along and join in the discussions.

We gratefully acknowledge sponsorship for the day

that has been provided by Foss UK Ltd


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IDF World Dairy Summit 2012

4-8 November - Cape Town

"A World In One Country" was the theme for thIs year's IDF World Dairy Summit, which was held in Cape Town from November 4-8, and was a reflection of the different population groups, landscapes, religions, cuisines and languages of South Africa - the "Rainbow Nation".

The South African dairy industry is one that is shaped by market forces and, therefore, reacts in a dynamic way thereby stimulating product innovation and the adoption of more efficient technologies.  Eleven conferences wwere held over 4 days and the Summit programme included several significant new features: a conference devoted to dairy in emerging countries, focusing on the socio-economic benefits of dairying. Benefits for dairy processors wasl also not overlooked and food security, with the concentration on how the dairy industry can contribute, will play an important role and animal health and welfare was part of the programme, with a particular focus on future challenges to control the spread of animal diseases.  A World Dairy Leaders Forum gave delegates the chance to hear the views of key players form the world's major companies and raise issues with them face-to-face.

Daily Newsletters were issued at the Summit, highlighting the key events from each day and copies of these can be viewed below:

Further information abou the event can be found here

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IDF World Dairy Summit 2011

15-19 October - Parma


The 2011 World Dairy Summit was held in Parma, Italy from 15-19 October with the theme "Sustainable Food Security".

A series of joint conferences were organised by the IDF with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations to examine this subject, which is of ever-increasing significance to the entire world dairy community.

A conference on environment followed up on the latest achievements regarding the life-cycle analysis for greenhouse gas emissions from the dairy chain and other conferences featured key topics such as animal health & welfare and animal feeding to address dairy sustainability issues from different perspectives.  A new Round Table on dairy supply chain issues gathered active representatives from all parts of the dairy chain and the ever-popular World Dairy Leaders Forum will gave delegates the chance to hear the views of key players form the world's major companies and raise issues with them face-to-face.

Daliy Newsletters were issued at the Summit, highlighting the key events from each day and copies of these can be viewed below:

You can find out full information about this event at http://www.wds2011.com

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IDF World Dairy Summit 2010

8-11 November - Auckland

The theme of the event was “Discover…Natural Inspiration” and it featured a number of conferences covering all the work areas that IDF is involved with, including: World Dairy Leaders Forum, Dairy Policies and Economics, Nutrition and Health, Dairy Farming, Environment, Analysis and Sampling, Marketing, Dairy Science and Technology, supported by Symposiums on Food Additives, Cheese Science and Bioactives. In addition, there is a Farmer's Dinner and a number of technical and social tours to complement the business meetings.

This is an excellent chance to establish new contacts, find out about the latest methods and practices that are being used around the world and find out more about the work of the IDF so please make the effort to attend what should be a very interesting and rewarding Summit .


WEBSITE: http://www.wds2010.com


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There was also the popular World Dairy Leaders Forum on September 21st, which presented a discussion by CEO's from the global dairy industry on key issues .

To view the Newsletters that were issued daily during the Summit, please click below:

Newsletter 1 - Sunday 7 November

Newsletter 2 - Monday 8 November

Newsletter 3 - Tuesday 9 November

Newsletter 4 - Wednesday 10 November

Newsletter 5 - Thursday 11 November

For more details, visit: http://www.wds2010.com/

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UK-IDF Open Day 2010

29 June - Reaseheath College

Please click on the links below to see the presentations that were given at the UK-IDF Open Day held on June 29th at Reaseheath College showing how the work of the UK National Committee of the IDF links with those of other National Committees and other international organiasations.

“Trends in global dairy markets”

Mr Jim Begg - Dairy UK

Member of IDF Standing Committee on Dairy Policies and Economics

Brian Lindsay – UK-IDF

Chair of IDF Standing Committee on Environment

Dr Ed Komorowski – Dairy UK

Member of the IDF Science and Programme Coordination Committee (SPCC)


UK-IDF, c/o Dairy UK, 93 Baker Street, London, W1U 6QQ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)207 467 2621 Fax: +44 (0)207 487 4734 E-mail: iwakeling@dairyUK.org